Do you know your stuff about kakapos? Take this quiz and find out!

1. The Kakapo parrot hails from:

a. Australia

b. New Zealand

c. Malaysia

d. Kokomo, Indiana

2. Which of these statements is true?

a. It the only flightless and nocturnal parrot.

b. It evolved in a country which had virtually no mammals or predators living on it, so they became flightless.

c. The Kakapo is not closely related to any other member of the parrot family.

d. All of the above.

3. The Kakapo has a lifespan of:

a. More than 60 years.

b. 25 years

c.  80 years

d.  120 years

4. Kakapo are now extinct on mainland New Zealand. Why?

A. The last survivors were moved onto three offshore islands

B. Natural food crops failed.

C. The predation by introduced mammals continued.

D. Nobody knows.

5. With your help, the Kakapo could be saved. What are the best ways to do it?

a. Make people more aware of the Kakapo.

b. Send your donations directly to the Kakapo Recovery Program

c. Use your particular talents to raise awareness of the Kakapo’s plight

d. All of the above.

Check Your Answers!

  1. Correct answer: B.
  2. Correct answer: D.
  3. Correct answer: A
  4. Correct answer: A.
  5. Correct answer: D

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Kakapo

  • Once found only in New Zealand, the kakapo is a nocturnal, ground-dwelling, solitary parrot.
  • The Kakapo has a keel-less sternum which makes it incapable of flying in the traditional sense. It “parachutes” rather than “flies.”
  • Their numbers became so low, they had to be relocated to islands with no predators for their safety. This effectively made them extinct on the main islands of New Zealand.
  • The Kakapo lives mainly on the ground but is capable of climbing trees.

Want to learn more about the kakapo? Then check out this video:

Photo Credit: Kakapo chick by Department of Conservation/Flickr

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