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What do you know about parrot training? Take this quiz and find out!

1. Does age matter when training birds?

a) Older birds cannot learn new things.

b) Baby birds aren’t capable of remembering what you’re trying to teach them

day to day.

c) Baby birds are easier to train, but older birds

can learn new things, too.

d) Older birds are easier to train because they

want your attention.

2. What is the ideal setting to begin behavioral training with your bird?

a) A quiet area free of excessive noise will help the bird remain calm and focused on what you are trying to teach it.

b) A quiet area outside under a tree will make the bird feel more at home and relaxed.

c) A moderate-noise setting will help your bird learn to focus its attention on you and to block out distractions.

d) A noisy setting with multiple stimuli will challenge the bird and teach it to learn under any condition.

3. What type of training routine is more likely to have positive results?

a) A fast-paced, 10-minute routine with no rewards until your bird perfects the requested trick.

b) A daily, 30-minute routine, with a new trick added each week to keep your bird’s attention, regardless of whether it has mastered the previous trick.

c) Only work with your bird at the times it seems most playful.

d) A daily, 10-minute routine infused with positive reinforcement (such as offering treats or head scratches).

4. Which is not one of the three basic behaviors to teach when first training your bird?

a) Stick-training

b) Step-up

c) Vocalizing on cue

d) Step-down

5. Does a timetable matter for when your bird should learn a lesson?

a) No, don’t worry about a training timetable. Enjoy spending time with your bird.

b) It somewhat matters; if your bird isn’t showing any progress then you must be doing something wrong.

c) It somewhat matters; if your bird isn’t showing any progress then something might be wrong with your bird.

d) Yes, your bird should be learning a new lesson in at least one month’s time .

Check Your Answers

  1. a
  2. a
  3. d
  4. c
  5. a

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