About Jessica and Patricia

Jessica Pineda

Editor in Chief

Jessica Pineda is the editorial director of the new Bird Talk Magazine, and worked on the original Bird Talk from 2007 to 2012. Jessica has been an avid bird enthusiast for more than 20 years, since her childhood days of watching the endless entertainment and drama produced by her babysitter’s cockatiels. Jessica also has extensive experience working in the pet retail industry, first with Petco, where she became a PIJAC-certified bird specialist for its Tracy and Northridge, Calif., stores, and then for Omar’s Exotic Birds in Studio City, Calif.

Jessica lives in Northern California with her two German Shepherds, Forest and River. She spends her free time writing her great American novel and playing video games.

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Patricia Sund

Creative Director

Patricia Sund was a regular contributor for the old Bird Talk Magazine, BirdChannel.com and About.com has a popular blog called “Parrot Nation,” where she writes about life, birds and her adventures in the world of aviculture. She has written for a variety of avicultural-themed publications, including Bird Talk, the Bird Talk Annual, Birds USA, Phoenix Landing’s Phoenix Beakin’ and Watchbird magazine for the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA).

She lives in Florida with her two hoodlum African grey parrots, Parker and Pepper, stars of the popular column, “Memo to Parker & Pepper.” She also shares her home with her third parrot, a motor-mouthed African grey named Nyla. When asked why she has parrots in her life, she always responds the same way: “I’ve been a flight attendant for almost 31 years; I guess I’m just used to serving food, repeating myself, cleaning up crap and getting hollered at.”

Follow her on her blog Parrot Nation.

I am the editor in chief of Bird Talk Magazine, a California native, journalist, vegan and the proud owner of Forest and River, two German Shephards, and a turquoise green-cheeked conure named Blue.