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After nearly six years away, Bird Talk Magazine returns with a new look, new design and the same great advice from bird experts you know and love. The new Bird Talk Magazine is a bimonthly publication that features 128-plus pages on high-quality matte, eco-friendly paper. It’s a magazine you’ll be proud to share with your friends and display on your bookshelf.
A new era of Bird Talk Magazine is here, brought to you by former Bird Talk Editor Jessica Pineda and Parrot Nation and Chop Concept creator Patricia Sund. Subscribe for a year, or purchase a pre-order for the first issue today!

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Bird Talk was one of the only companion bird magazines in the U.S. and the world for 30 years. With its return, we hope to begin a new era and provide the best quality content about pet birds and parrots for years to come.
We’ll be honest, though: Magazines are costly to produce and print, and the print subscription price reflects that. Bird Talk is a brand known and well-loved, but in a lot of ways we’re starting from scratch.
We have no subscribers, no advertisers and no sponsors—just passion and drive. As independent publishers, we must rely on you the readers more than ever to make this magazine great and help us reach bird lovers everywhere. Please subscribe today, and spread the word to all your bird friends: Bird Talk is back!


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The second issue features articles on:
Traveling with your bird.
What to do if your bird is stolen.
How to groom your bird.
Budgie colors and genetics.
As always, in each jam-packed issue, we’ll feature the latest information on behavior, health, nutrition, conservation and more on parrots, canaries, finches, softbills and other birds.



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I am the editor in chief of Bird Talk Magazine, a California native, journalist, vegan and the proud owner of Forest and River, two German Shephards, and a turquoise green-cheeked conure named Blue.